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solaris dezine | photography by marc mikaelian

marc, from solaris dezine, is a professional photographer skilled at capturing beautiful moments in fashion, hospitality, and product photography.

do you require a professional photographer for a personal project or for your products & services?

marc specializes in various photography genres including fashion, hospitality, food, event/festival registration, interior/exterior architecture, commercial, and editorial photography.

  • usual photography locations are in southern turkey (mugla), the netherlands (the hague), and dubai or bali (during winter).

  • with a background in fashion education, marc is highly experienced in fashion photography, covering catwalks, fashion weeks, and lookbook shoots.

  • his experience in product, food & interior photography has been significantly enriched through numerous projects for web-design clients.

  • renowned for his sensitive approach to subjects, marc excels in patiently capturing beautiful and challenging moments, particularly in low-light conditions, underscoring the importance of quality lenses.

  • a dedicated website for his photography portfolio will be online soon.

marc previously worked with various sets of professional nikon equipment but has recently switched to fujifilm, for both photography and videography, due to its superior color rendition and lightweight design.

current equiptment includes:

  • fujifilm x-t3 body (soon x-t5)

  • xf 16mm (f1.4 wide lens)

  • xf 23mm (f2 wide lens)

  • xf 18-55mm (f2.8-4 zoom lens)

  • xf 50-140mm (f2.8 tele-zoom lens)

  • 3 softboxes - with florescent lighting for food & product photography

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