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solaris dezine | music by (dj) marc solaris

marc has been passionate about music for most of his life, he is known for his methodical organization of precious tunes and occasionally performs live.

music - another fantastic hobby that has evolved into a serious passion!

marc, also known as dj marc solaris, carefully selects his favorite good-vibe tracks to spin at cafés, clubs, resorts and special events.

  • should the date & venue align, marc is open to bookings for performances at your café, club, resort, or special event.

  • you can also get in touch with marc if you want him to create a special playlist, if you want your personal playlist mixed into a set, or if you want a certain genre music mixed.

musical background:

  • as a child, marc used to collect various genres of music, mostly ethnic, pop & jazz, on cassette tapes.

  • during his teenage years, when he moved to the netherlands, he delved into rock, hard rock, heavy metal, new wave & punk music. dressing up for concerts and gigs was a big part of the experience during that time.

  • in high school, marc developed a fondness for classical, reggae/ska, and later industrial music, which eventually transitioned into dance music.

  • during the 90's, he began collecting vinyl records and acquired turntables & mixers to play tribal house & progressive dance tracks.

  • between 2000 and 2020, marc primarily listened to ethnic, lounge, & ambient music, while also building a vast mp3 collection spanning different genres. occasionally, he would spin fast funk & electro-swing tunes during certain events in the netherlands.

  • since 2021, marc has been creating specific playlists on spotify and soundcloud, reigniting his passion for mixing, this time with mp3 files and dj controllers.

  • presently, he djs funky beatless music or music with beats in three different speeds: dinner, sunset, and dance.

soundcloud live sets

did you know that marc recently shared 10 live set recordings on soundcloud for listeners to enjoy?

soundcloud chronologicaly arranges tracks so the first set is the oldest, and the last set is the newest posted live recording.

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